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Neutral - Single jersey knit, 155 g/m2

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C10001 Single jersey knit, 155 g/m2 100% Combed cotton Classic shape Double-needle topstitched collar in 1x1 rib with lycra Shoulder to shoulder tape Preshrunk in tube knit XS-S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL White, Ash grey, Black, Navy, Red, Dark green, Olive, Sport grey, Dark chocolate, Charcoal, Sand, Light blue, Lime Free assortment Available in kids sizes also.

Neutral - Single jersey knit, 155 g/m2

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N10101 Single jersey knit, 155 g/m2 100% Combed cotton Classic shape Double-needle topstitched collar in 1x1 rib with Lycra Shoulder to shoulder tape Preshrunk with side seam XXS-XS-S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL-5XL-6XL Red, White, Black, Navy, Cobolt blue, Dark green, Daisy Free assortment Available in kids sizes also.

Gildan - Single Jersey knit / 205 g/m2

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2000 Adult T-Shirt 205 g/m² 100% cotton pre-shrunk jersey Seamless collar Taped neck and shoulders Double needle stitching S - 3XL 60 colours (!) (Yellow Haze, Green, Leaf, Cedar, Stone Blue, Heliconia, Cardinal Red, Lime, Kelly Green, Vegas Gold, Light Pink, Ice Grey, Gold, Texas Orange, Sapphire, Jade Dome, White, Natural, Navy, Forest Green, Tangerine, Black, Sand, Olive, Red, Charcoal, Royal, Pine, Iris, Oceana, Prairie Dust, Light Blue, Azalea, Blue Dusk, Metro Blue, Indigo Blue, Purple, Maroon, Chestnut, Violet, Tan, Ash, Sport Grey, Daisy, Dark Chocolate, Military Green, Dark Heather, Carolina Blue, Irish Green, Pistachio, Uniform Navy, Kiwi, Sky, Honey, Paprika, Orchid, Cherry Red, Avocado, Salmon) Available in kids sizes also.

Gildan - 66 st färger att välja på i en färgkarta...

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Gildan Active Wear® är en kanadensisk tillverkare av profilkläder i hög kvalitet. Gildan ligger strategiskt i det mest kostnadseffektiva segmentet och är fokuserat på att konstant förstärka sin ställning som marknadsledande tillverkare av kvalitetsprodukter av högsta klass. Samtliga Gildan´s produkter är miljöcertifierade enligt Oeko-Tex 100 samt ISO9002 certifierade.


Alla produkter i serien Neutral är gjorda i bomull av mycket höga kvalitéer. Kvalitéer som producenterna hela tiden försöker att utveckla och förbättra. Samtliga produkter i serien görs utan en förutbestämd nacketikett. Det enda som syns är storleken som sitter något till vänster för att möjliggöra kundens egna logotyp i centrerad placering.

Gildan is the only north american manufacturer awarded oekotex standard 100 certification-guaranteeing that no harmful chemicals or materials are used in the raw materials or manufacturing process.

We are 100% committed to integrating the Gildan Quality System (GQS) in all our activities throughout the Company, and using GQS to support our overall corporate goals and Mission Statement. This means applying global best practices in all our worldwide manufacturing and service activities and instilling a quality-driven and quick service-driven attitude in all of our proud Gildan employees." More: The Gildan Quality System (GQS) is our quality management system that helps us manage quality throughout the organization by specifying the procedures, work instructions, recordkeeping forms, technical specifications and job descriptions that underpin our commitment to quality. Because quality is everyone’s responsibility, every employee is an active member of the GQS team. Everyone plays a part in the success of the Company by carefully following each documented instruction and recommending improvements.

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Gildan is the world´s only basic apparel manufacturer with long-term FLA verification and full accreditation of our labour compliance program - shared with only 9 companies woldwide at this time.

Fair Labor Association (FLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sweatshop conditions in factories worldwide and building innovative and sustainable solutions to abusive labor conditions.

Since 1999, the FLA has helped improve the lives of thousands of workers by helping to create greater accountability and transparency of factories, manufacturers, and others involved in the manufacturing and supply process. In addition, we work to strengthen the capacity of local communities to advocate that governments meet their responsibilities to workers, and help workers themselves have a greater voice in determining and negotiating their needs.

At the core of the FLA mission is a process of monitoring factory compliance, reporting that record publicly, and working to ensure that any problems discovered are corrected. The advantage of FLA and its unique and far-reaching membership is the power of leverage. When a company or brand agrees to affiliate with the FLA, they must comply with and enforce the FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct in those factories within the agreement with the FLA.

FLA is focused on building a newly enhanced system that promotes sustainable gains that help to increase the due diligence of factories in achieving higher standards and in making these factories more accessible for change. Our new FLA 3.0 system places even greater emphasis on determining the reasons for this noncompliance. It's helping to teach and support factories to build internal systems that ensure that workers’ voices are heard, prevent the same violations from occurring again, and establish a system for resolving future conflicts in way that ensures fair labor practices.

WRAP Principles
• Compliance with Laws & Workplace Regulations - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with laws & regulations in all locations where they conduct business.
• Prohibition of Forced Labor - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will not use involuntary or forced labor - indentured, bonded or otherwise.
• Prohibition of Child Labor - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will not hire any employee under the age of 14, or under the age interfering with compulsory schooling, or under the minimum age established by law, whichever is greater.
• Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will provide a work environment free of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment in any form.
• Compensation & Benefits - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will pay at least the minimum total compensation required by local law, including all mandated wages, allowances & benefits.
• Hours of Work - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with hours worked each day, & days worked each week, shall not exceed the legal limitations of the countries in which sewn product is produced. Manufacturers of sewn product will provide at least one day off in every seven-day period, except as required to meet urgent business needs.
• Prohibition of Discrimination - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will employ, pay, promote, & terminate workers on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.
• Health & Safety - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will provide a safe & healthy work environment. Where residential housing is provided for workers, apparel manufacturers will provide safe & healthy housing.
• Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will recognize & respect the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of free association & collective bargaining.
• Environment - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with environmental rules, regulations & standards applicable to their operations, & will observe environmentally conscious practices in all locations where they operate.
• Customs Compliance - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will comply with applicable customs law &, in particular, will establish & maintain programs to comply with customs laws regarding illegal transshipment of apparel products.
• Security - Manufacturers of Sewn Products will maintain facility security procedures to guard against the introduction of non-manifested cargo into outbound shipments (e.g. drugs, explosives, biohazards &/or contraband).

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